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Star Petroleum Refining

Fenceline Air Quality Monitoring System Installation

5732266  ESG Credits

Installing air quality sensors or monitoring equipment around the perimeter (fenceline) of Refinery. The system is to provide continuously monitor and assess air quality in the surrounding areas and display on website for publicly accessibility air quality data. Scope of air quality monitoring system includes SOx, NOx, Benzene, Ethylbenzene, Toluene, Xylene and air dispersion modeling software.

Benefits for society/stakeholders:
Fenceline air quality monitoring systems provide multiple advantages to society and stakeholders by protecting public health, promoting environmental stewardship, facilitating community engagement, and enabling data-driven decision-making across various sectors.
Protecting Public Health: By continuously monitoring air quality near industrial facilities, communities can be alerted to any spikes in pollutants. This enables residents to take necessary precautions, such as staying indoors or using protective measures, to minimize exposure to potentially harmful substances.
Community Engagement: Fenceline monitoring can empower local communities to become more engaged in environmental issues. Residents can access and understand air quality data, enabling them to advocate for their health and environment effectively.
Transparency and Accountability: Having publicly accessible air quality data from fenceline monitoring systems enhances transparency and accountability. It allows communities and stakeholders to have a clear understanding of the emissions and air quality impacts of nearby industrial facilities.
Data-Driven Decision Making: Fenceline monitoring systems generate valuable data on air quality trends and pollutant levels. This data can be used to inform policy decisions, assess the effectiveness of pollution control measures, and guide urban planning to reduce exposure to polluted areas.

Business Benefits:
Fenceline air quality monitoring system provide businesses a range of advantages, from regulatory compliance and risk management to improved reputation and competitive differentiation.
Early Detection of Emissions: Fenceline monitoring systems can detect emissions and pollutants in real-time or near real-time. This allows for rapid identification of any abnormal emissions, leaks, or incidents. Early detection enables prompt response, reducing the potential for prolonged exposure to harmful pollutants.
Regulatory Compliance: Fenceline monitoring systems help to monitor air emissions more accurately and in real time, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Timely data can also help industries identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations to minimize emissions.
Emergency Response: In case of accidents or incidents that could lead to increased emissions, fenceline monitoring systems provide timely information to emergency responders. This aids in coordinating an effective response and protecting nearby communities.
Operational Continuity: Timely response to pollution events reduces the likelihood of operational disruptions caused by environmental incidents.

Corporate Profile:
Company Core Business:Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited (“SPRC”) is one of the leading producers of petroleum products in Thailand and offers customers a reliable source of high-quality petroleum products both for domestic consumption and for export. The company supplies a wide range of high-quality petroleum products. Our products include Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Polymer Grade Propylene (PGP), chemical grade naphtha, premium and regular grades of gasohol, jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil, sulfur, and asphalt.
Country:Rayong, Thailand
Year of Foundation:1992 (Listed Year: 2015)
Employees (2022):548
Total Revenues (2022):285,327.31 million baht


News Release
Star Petroleum Refining receives ESG Credit from Thaipat Institute
Emphasizes the SPRC Business Conduct with Care and Responsibility
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